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Let us help you backup your system.

Bolton's is Bendigo's leading business IT support provider. A huge part of our successful it management is the data backup systems & disaster recovery services that we have to offer to maintain your data backup management for Microsoft Windows & Linux.

Backing up your system is more important than it seems. It is crucial that you always have a backup of your important information and data, and that your business has a plan put in place to recover from system failures. So many situations can go wrong with computer operating systems.

  • Attackers could crash your system,

  • Data can become corrupted;and

  • Data can be fully wiped out by hardware problems.

As well as this, hardware can be destroyed in circumstances such as fires and other disasters including theft.

This is why at Bolton’s we take all the necessary steps to backing up your system effectively and efficiently to minimize the risks of losing all the important information that your business needs. Business Continuity begins with successful backup and restore of your IT data. The backed-up data must exist locally (for fast restores) and off-site (for site disasters). Encryption, efficient storage and ease of use are “must-have” features.

Our Data Backup and Restore product provides secure, streamlined online-offsite data backup and restore that is highly scalable and easily customizable. Supported networks include Microsoft Windows® environments, and Linux.

To minimize your risks, contact us today so we can find the right solution for you!

Data Backup and System Recovery

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