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This is a question we commonly come across when selling ergonomic furniture. And, before getting into the “why” of any chair price, it’s worth noting that most Quality chairs have extensive warranties, typically covering anywhere, from 5-10years.

Consideration should always be made to the time frame of the warranty on any product or chair you purchase. Typically, if a chair has a 3-year warranty on it you might see it last 5 years and then you have to buy a new one. However, if you see a 5-10-year warranty on a chair, it’s most likely going to last 10 years plus, maybe even 15 years. If you do the math’s on that, you are 100% going to save money in the long run buy spending money on a chair that will last.

But, the warranty isn’t the main factor of a chair that cost upwards of $500… Have you heard of an AFRDI certification? The AFRDI Certification Scheme is based on the results of performance testing product samples provided by a supplier (e.g. ErgoSelect).

This criterion generally includes:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Function
  • Flammability
  • Reasonable finish and workmanship

This criterion results in:

  • Level 4 = Basic commercial applications
  • Level 5 = Heavy commercial applications
  • Level 6 = Severe commercial and heavy industrial 

A chair that has an AFRDI Certification associated to it is typically going to be more expensive. This is due to the investment that the brand has taken, undergoing testing and assessments which come at high costs.

If you’re going to be spending money on a more expensive chair, you should almost always buy one with an AFRDI Certification.

Aside from the AFRDI Certification there are several other factors that will affect the price of a chair.

Such as:

  • Assembly
  • Quanity and Quality
  • Weight Ratings
  • Fabrics/Materials (internal and external)
  • Arms/No arms
  • Customizability 
  • Comfort
  • Uniformity

It’s important to remember that nearly all material in inexpensive chairs are made cheaply with fiber and other cheap cloth. They typically also have far less stitching, not as much padding and very few adjustments. However, opting for a more expensive chair, ensures you are buying materials of high quality. There are also more stitching’s, padding and adjustments.

This is why we recommend that you lean towards buying chairs with the AFRDI Certification as this ensure you aren’t getting ripped off.

Lastly, if you are a business owner there are legitimate requirements that you need to follow in regards to seating. As an example, we have left the quote below as a reference point to look at…

“Seating that is inappropriate for the task being performed can present a health and safety risk to employees. Employees must not be forced to adopt sustained, inappropriate or awkward body positions.”

– WorkSafe Victoria.

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