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Online security is a major concern for most Australian organizations. With our working environments becoming more digital and mobile, there are higher risks that expose our daily business operations.

Small to Medium businesses are often a prime target for online hackers and scammers as they typically have lower budgets and less resources they can invest into their security. A study was conducted by the NSW Small Business Commissioner in May 2017, which outlined that 50% of small businesses don’t realise they could be a target for cyber-attacks.

As IT professionals, we are responsible for keeping systems, networks and data safe and secure. However, before implementing measures to prevent security attacks, its crucial that you understand what risks are out there for your business.

Here are 5 of the biggest security threats that are impacting Australian small businesses right now:

1. Phishing

Phishing is a form of cyber-attack which uses deceptive emails, phone calls, texts and websites with the intention to trick people into handing over sensitive information, such as personal data and banking details.

These emails can also be used with the intent to lure people to click links and download attachments which lead to malicious software and malware.

Phishing can pose a massive threat to not only individual staff members, but to the entire organisation. If you’re unsure of what a Phishing attack may look like or if you wish to find out how to determine them then visit our blog “Would You Fall for a Phishing Scam?

2. Ransomware

Ransomware attacks begin via infecting a virus into an unprotected computer, system or network. Ransomware can encrypt data to make it inaccessible to the user. Hackers then demand payment in exchange for the data they have stolen.

These types of attacks cost businesses huge sums of money every year, seeing small businesses being the most targeted.

3. Social Media Hacking

Social Media is an integral part of conducting business. It’s a platform where we can effectively reach and engage with our customers that goes beyond traditional retailing. However, social media also opens doorways to huge security threats.

If your social media is ever hacked it can lead to many devasting solutions such as lost followers, customers and significant damage to your businesses reputation and brand image.

4. Mobile Malware

The number of people which use mobile devices to conduct business has taken a significant increase over recent years. As a result, so has the security risks involved with mobile malware. Mobile malware is a growing problem ranging from attacks such as trojans, ransomware and spyware.

A crucial part of a security plan should be implementing a mobile device policy involving device management and accessibility.

5. Unsecured Devices

Your connected printers bring many benefits to your business, such as streamlined workflows, improved productivity and reduced printing costs. However, because they handle a lot of information (sometimes confidential), any unauthorized access can have significant negative impacts on the business.

So, if left unconfigured and unprotected, your printers and other devices and pose a huge security risk, causing financial loss, brand damage and leakage of sensitive date.

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