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Are you regularly finding yourself fatigued, suffering from back pain or psychologically drained at work?

You might know the importance of ‘good working posture’ and that’s great! However, do you understand the consequences of not investing in the right ergonomics for your office?

Office ergonomics can dramatically help workers. Being more comfortable, less stressed and reducing injuries are all the result of effective office ergonomics. Considering how people work in your business (including yourself) and addressing potential ergonomics issues… are you as ergonomic as you thought?

“Ergonomics is how we interact with our
working environment and how these
interactions can be improved."

In corporate jobs, people are in front of computers for majority of their day. A poor working environment contributes to workplace injuries and illness, while correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture helps you stay comfortable.

However, this is mostly where people finish their ergonomics evaluations. Which is okay… but it could be a lot better. One of the most common issues that causes workplace fatigue is movement, or more so, the lack of movement. By incorporating movement into the work day, people reduce the risk of work related injuries. In fact, one of the main ergonomic risk factors is repetition.

Performing the same motions repeatedly throughout the day, such as typing, reading and clicking can cause results in trauma to your joints and surrounding tissues. This raises our main point of reliable ergonomic solutions.

Invest in a sit-stand desk.

By investing in sit-stand desks you are making an investment into the wellbeing of your staff and your workplaces health and safety. Sit-stand desks are a cost-effective way to improve your workforce’s health. They allow your workers to move about in their workstations, which is great! But, most importantly they bring your staff out of that seated position on a regular basis. Take a look at the image below to gain a better understanding on how standing desks assist you.

sitstand desk-01

On average, employees who use sit-stand desks reduce the amount of time they spend in their chair by more than an hour each day. This is massive for ergonomics. You are going to be reducing fatigue just by standing up for an hour each day. In addition, the muscle activity used from standing up and moving around is going to destroy workstation repetition.

By investing in stronger ergonomic solutions such as sit-stand desks, you are saving your business money in the long run. This is the result of less sick-days and much stronger employee productivity. It’s common knowledge that sitting for hours at a time is bad for you. So, why not invest in a sit-stand desk to counter this?

As a business, what decision would you make?

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