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Standing desks have become one of the top trending pieces of office furniture. So, if you’re wanting your boss to buy you one then you might want to get them to read this article.

Investing in sit-stand desks is a cost-effective way to improve your workplace’s health and safety. They allow workers to move about in their workstations, which is great! But, most importantly they bring you out of that seated position on a regular basis. Take a look at the image below to gain a better understanding on how standing desks assist you.

sitstand desk-01

On average, employees who use sit-stand desks reduce the amount of time they spend in their chair by more than an hour each day. This is massive for ergonomics. You are going to be reducing fatigue just by standing up for an hour each day. In addition, the muscle activity used from standing up and moving around is going to destroy workstation repetition.

Similar statistics have been recorded across almost all of the studies we’ve read. Overall, this achievement of less time sitting equals better health and improved work performance. Which, your boss is going to love 😉.

Majority of this research suggests that sit-stand desks are actually a better option then your standard desk format. Too much time spent seated and stationery is a bad thing. We’re not suggesting that you should be standing up on your feet all day, because that would also be a bad thing to do. But what we are highlighting is that you need to beat workstation repetition. And, investing in a sit stand desk is the easiest way to do so.

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