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JUNE 26, 2018

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has altered users to be aware of VPNFilter Malware. VPNFilter Malware effects the equipment you use within your network, such your router and network-attached storage devices.

This type of malware has infected more then 500,000 consumer grade routers across the globe and can be used for a range of immoral purposes. VPNFilter malware is designed to steal sensitive data that is passed between connection points, infecting a module into your network that can be used to secretly modify content delivered by websites.

It is recommended by the ACSC to take the following actions to protect your devices against this activity:

  • Update your network devices to the latest available version of firmware. 
  • Disable network device management interfaces on WAN interfaces.
  • Remember to change your routers default log-in password during the initial set up faze.

It is encouraged for users and device administrators to take the necessary actions to defend against these types of attacks. The common affected devices are connected directly to the internet with no security devices or services in between them and potential attackers. Additionally, most network devices have no built-in anti-malware capabilities. This makes this type of malware extremely difficult to combat against.

Due to the potential for destructive actions, we recommend seeking out assistance in defending your network against this type of attack. If you feel you need help protecting your network against malware, give our IT department a call at 1800 265 880 and we will be happy to discuss the options that can be put in place to defend against cyber security issues.

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