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Network Security 3

JANUARY 15, 2018

Why should you be interested in securing your business information online?

Do you feel out of your depth with the IT side of your business?

Not sure if your business is at risk?

Now more than ever, your business is dependent on it’s network for majority of it’s operations. Communication, inventory, billing, sales and trading are all things that we are relying on our network for. However, it’s surprising how many companies have held off on securing their network.

“Small to medium sized businesses are the
ones most at risk. 
Small businesses are often
more atrisk due to the belief that they aren’t.”

In fact, a lot of business owners don’t actually know if their network is secure enough to protect them from cyber-crimes. Without having an in-depth analysis of your security done recently, you’re at risk of attack from Hackers, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware and other network nasties.

A single attack could heavily damage your business and its customers, causing significant financial impacts and damaging reputation. Small to medium sized businesses are the ones most at risk. Small businesses are often more at risk due to the belief that they aren’t. Hence, why it’s a good idea to put a real cyber security plan in place in the case that your business suffers from an attack.

Network Security 1

Steps to keep your tech and business information SECURE

Back up data

Backing up your data and website information will massively help you recover anything you’ve lost during an attack.

You should regularly back up all your significant data such as financial records, customer records and personal data. Luckily, conducting a data backup is typically cost-effective and easy.

A strong back up process will usefully include:

  •           Daily back-ups to a hard drive or cloud storage,

  •           End-of-week back-ups (server),

  •           Quarterly back-ups (server); and,

  •           Yearly back-ups (server).

Make this a habit and regularly check that the data you are backing up is retrievable.

  Enforce strong passwords

Weak passwords and hackers are best friends. Ensuring your logins have secure passwords will help protect your business.

A strong password should go something like this:

  •           Be at least 8 characters long,

  •           Contain uppercase and lowercase letters (A-z),

  •           Include numeric characters (1,2,3); and,

  •           Have special characters (@$#).

Your passwords should never be shared with people in cases where they can access individuals protected data. However, you can put permission options in place and is something that should be explored.

Secure devices

Tiny bits of software called malware or viruses will infect your computers, laptops and mobile devices if you do no have them secured, this is almost guaranteed.

Installing the right security software for your businesses devices will help to protect you from these types of attacks. This includes:

  •           Anit-virus,

  •           Anti-spy ware;and,

  •           Anti-spam filters.

  This should be set to automatically update as the updates can contain important upgrades to your security based off recent viruses circulating around the web.

Network Security 2

Spam filtering

In relation to everything else, you should most definitely have spam filtering set in place. This will reduce the levels of spam and phishing emails that you will receive in your inbox.

If you suspect that an email is spam you should:

  •           Not respond,

  •           Unsubscribe; or,

  •           Call the number that will be provided in the message.

However, the best thing to do is to just delete them and apply a spam filter to block them from coming through.

Doing so will reduce the potential harm that you or your employees could face from opening a phishing or fraudulent email by accident.

  Keep yourself up-to-date

Besides implementing protection tactics and plans, another great thing you can do is stay up to date the latest scams and security risks.

Subscribing to the Stay Smart Online Alert Service, to receive up-to-date information on cyber security issues and solutions.

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