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If you’re in business, then you are aware of all the modern risks of being online. A managed service provider (MSP) is another company that manages its client’s IT systems, including hardware, servers and end-user systems. Small-medium businesses are typical customers of an MSP. Many smaller sized businesses have limited IT knowledge/capabilities, so having an MSP is a way of bringing the right expertise into your business. There are many different MSP providers, each typically bringing some form of ‘specialization’ to the table. The relationship between your business and an MSP is almost always built off a service level agreement. So, let’s start there!

Service Level Agreements

Most MSP’s base their pricing around a service level agreement (SLA). Essentially, this a contract that signifies the performance and quality that will govern the relationship between the MSP and their customer. It is typically used by the MSP as a pricing metric, often set up as different packages that are better suited to different business types. Alternatively, they might also use this to customise the right solution for you. This way every SLA is different based off what the business needs.

What they are used for

As previously mentioned, an MSP is used to bring IT expertise/infrastructure into your business. However, MSP services aren’t just limited to small-medium sized businesses. They are also used in a variety of larger scale organizations such as government agencies and healthcare.

This is an effective method of mitigated costs by outsourcing IT from your business. Most MSP’s will bring significant benefits to your organization and should assist in preventing IT problems from occurring in the future.


There are huge benefits of having an MSP in place. With experts and the right MSP, you are bringing top quality IT infrastructure to your business. Due to the focus and expertise of most MSP’s, you receive quality benefits of cloud-based services, IT support, security, hardware, data protection and so much more.

The benefits of having an MSP in your business are unsurmountable and if don’t yet have one on board it’s something you should heavily consider. Bolton’s are one of Bendigo and Ballarat’s leading MSP’s and we would love to get in touch with you and find out where we can help.

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