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JULY 4, 2018

No industry has ever been hit harder by hacking, malware and data breaches than the health care industry has.

A study conducted by CNN Tech outlines that 90% of hospitals and healthcare clinics are losing their patients data. This is comprised of data being exposed, as well as being lost and stolen. In accordance to this, 59.3% of data breaches come from hacking.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 21 million patients have had medical records exposed in data security breaches.

So, if you’re in a doctor’s office, or a hospital, or a healthcare clinic what should you do with this information?

It’s important to understand that data breaches in the healthcare industry is a very live and existing issue. So, taking action against cyber crime is crucial to securing your clients data and personal information.

What happens to your customers stolen data?

According to Deep Dot Web, just one hacker alone holds 689,621 stolen records. These records can retail for up to $50 each… Meaning that that one hacker holds approximately $34 million worth of patient records. And remember that’s just from one hacker.

Your client’s data is sacred to them, making it sacred to your business. Something we specialize in at Bolton’s is data security. So, don’t hesitate to call us at 1800 265 880 to talk to one of our IT professionals about a solution to this problem.


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